Saturday, September 10, 2011

A little bit about us...

Hello readers and welcome!  I’m happy to be starting this blog, which has been on my to-do list for some time.  Hopefully you’ll find something of interest here.  While this blog is connected to our business, that will not be the sole focus. I envision an eclectic mix that will range from health, social and environmental issues to cooking and the arts.  For my first post, however, I’ll just start with a brief intro to our business.  
My husband and I run a handcrafted soap business from our home.  We started with a desire to help those with allergies and sensitivities.  Many, such as myself, experience itchy skin, headaches or wheezing from an encounter with allergens, which unfortunately are often found in standard personal care products.  It can be difficult to identify the offending ingredient when products typically contain a long list of unknown synthetics and proprietary fragrances.  That creates a challenge to find products that don’t cause a reaction.
Our soaps are formulated to gently cleanse without harsh detergents you find in store bought products (which generally are actually detergents).  We have several varieties that are unscented as well as free of colorants.  Castile, made of 100% organic expeller pressed olive oil, is the most gentle in our line; it is ideal for those with extremely sensitive skin.  Pure-fection is also gentle, yet provides more cleansing power through the addition of Palm Kernel and Coconut oils.  You can find those as well as other varieties of unscented soaps at our store front.  They are perfect for those with the most sensitive of skin, from infants to the elderly, cancer patients going through chemo, couples going through in vitro fertilization, or those who wish to avoid synthetics in their products.
For the soaps designed with color, we use only natural colorants such as herbs and clays.  Our liquid soaps are neutralized with citric acid rather than the frequently used borax (aka sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate).  Borax is a known skin irritant that is banned in the European Union for products used by children under the age of 3.  My husband can tell you from first hand experience that it irritates the skin of those of us older than three as well.  In addition, borax is also not safe to use on broken or damaged skin.  Knowing that even natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions, we disclose all ingredients on our labels.
For those who prefer scented products, we also have soaps scented with essential oils.   We are careful to avoid essential oils that are known sensitizers (such as Peru Balsam) and use the International Fragrance Association as a guide in amounts used.  
Please visit our website at to see all of our beautiful handcrafted soaps.  You can access it directly or through the links provided on the right side of this page.  We welcome any questions you might have about our products, whether here or through our storefront.  Thanks for stopping by!

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